What Business Can I Start in South Africa with Few Hundred Dollars?

South Africa is considered as the second major economy in the African economic landscape. The country is located on the southern end of the African continent with a number of distinct groups of flora and fauna. Kruger national park is a big name in the country that remains destination of tourist from around the globe throughout the year.

There are number of beaches, thick forests, stony cliffs and many other breath taking tourist attractions in the country. And a country that attracts tourists can be the best ground to start a small business.

So if you live in South Africa, and have lately been thinking of doing your own business, this is probably the best time to start your own business. There are 10s of small business ideas that can do great in South Africa, but I’d stick to a few that can be started with a few hundred dollars only.

Let’s get started:

1- Tourist Planner:

If you are local folk and have detailed information about the places in South Africa, you can start services as a tourist planner and you may not even need few hundred dollar. Just stick to a few places that attract most of the tourists and be their tour planner. Make sure they happen to see everything in the neighbourhood.

You can either guide them about each and every place yourself, or hire locals for being guides and you remain the tour planner or organizer. People prefer local guides because they know the best traveling routes so that they can visit most of the places in limited time.

2- E-commerce business:

Like most of the other countries e-commerce business is also growing fast in this country. You can start selling things online and you do not even need to have physical products in your inventory, i.e. you can start selling directly from the manufacturer through dropshiping model.

Alternatively, you may start with some items and gradually you can allow other people as well to sell their stuff using your medium. But in this business you have to provide best stuff to get customers trust.

3- Foreign food restaurant on wheels:

People visit this country from different regions of the world and they will love to have their favorite home food. You just have to know from where people mostly visit and you can start serving them right there. You can even start fast food on wheels, because everyone loves fast food.


With so much of natural resources still most of the population is unemployed in South Africa, and small scale business can not only help reduce the unemployment rate, but can also help you improve standard of living. The best business that can make good profits is the one that solves a community problem, so it is always advisable to research consumer behavior before starting a business.


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