Tips to Hire the Best People for Your Business

A good entrepreneur knows that hiring the right people will make or break the business. Mistake of hiring the wrong person will cost you a lot in the long run not only in terms of money but also in terms of effort that you have to do on recruiting.

To avoid making hiring mistakes, you can give a read to these tips that can be very useful for you in selection of the right people for your business:

1- Interview minimum three people for any position:

When you have any job opening, call at least three people for interview. Even if you feel the first candidate the right suit for your business, still interview two more candidates. Most of the multi-national companies don’t hire anyone until they conduct interview of ten to fifteen people.

Also make sure that you know how to interview a candidate.

2- Three people for taking interview:

When you conduct interviews there must be three interviewers in the panel, as there will be more people on team they will come up with the suggestion of hiring the right candidate by identifying traits of the interviewee.

Among the many HR tools for small business individuals hiring, one of the best is “SWAN Formula”, that is named after John Swan. The term SWAN stands for smart, works hard, ambitious and nice. Let’s elaborate this formula:

3- Smart people:

Most of the smart people are successful when it comes to skills and traits required for any specific job.

  • Works hard: People who “work hard” tend to be more effective at their job and are considered as an asset for any venture.
  • Ambitious: The right candidate must be ambitious and will be able to demonstrate why he want this job and why he is the right choice.
  • Nice: Nice people are considered as the nice fit for the business. When we say nice it means we are talking about a person who is positive, easy to get along and a good team player.

So, next time when you think of adding a new candidate to your organization, keep this formula under consideration.

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