The Art of Designing Commercial and Residential Buildings with Human Emotions!

When it comes to designing a building, commercial and residential have their own characteristics. Ensuring every architecture is the same, even in the case of residential properties is a fallacy. The dimensions of both the markets are quite different when it comes to building the outer structure. Even if residential properties have to be built, then also, various kinds of techniques and designing methodologies are being used.

Even when it comes to the seven wonders of the world, architecture is what makes these unique to stand out from the rest. Following are the key difference between the two architecture designs:

Residential Property Construction:

Residential properties are designs that need space for every specific thing. This differs from person to person who shall be living in the house. Apart from space, basic things like a kitchen, store, rooms etc. are some standard requirements for a residential property. Residential properties need to be comfortable so that people living in it feel like home. From basements to plumbing everything needs to be perfect as once the house is constructed, it becomes difficult to make any changes.

Commercial Property Construction:

The Commercial itself sets a difference in its own segment. From retail to a shop or a mall, the need is quite different and the infrastructure has various alignments. Storerooms, reception, and meeting rooms are some common things that a commercial property ought to have. Apart from corporate, schools, government properties, banks, cinemas, hospitals etc will require a different level of designing that will do justice to the need of the building. Therefore, when it comes to giving an edge of uniqueness to the building design ARCO Design/Build is what one needs is have an extraordinary building structure.

As more people are present in a commercial building, its building structure is different from what a residential one.

How architecture affects human behaviour?

Do you know, the construction of a building can affect how you feel in the present moment. Having no windows in the room or feeling suffocating inside a building can affect your mental as well as physical health. We spend nearly more than half of our day inside office buildings and then nights in our houses. Having no proper sunlight can also be a cause of depression as more than 3% of Americans are suffering from depression and mood swings and it is not always the people who we live with are the cause of depression, a room not lit properly, smelling bad, etc can also affect our overall well being.

  • Natural light acts as a mood uplifter in hospitals and, at schools, students test results have improved when exposed to proper sunlight as it helps in regulating melatonin in the human body.
  • Commercial buildings are now having a blueprint for quiet zone area for their employees. This area cannot be constructed anywhere in the building. In fact, it has to be an open clean area that helps in making their employees happy – which eventually increases their productivity.

Is your building design up to the mark? Think it over!

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