Opening a Dry Cleaning Service? Where to Start?

Are you looking to start your own dry cleaning business? All you need to start a dry cleaning business at a place of business, permits, licenses to operate, machines and customers!

To summarize all the requirements, you need a proper dry cleaning business plan!

For some the dry cleaning may not seems to be a lucrative business practice, but in actual, it is. It can be started off very small, and it has great potentials for growth and expansion. For instance, you can start a pick and deliver dry cleaning service right from your home!

This page has answers to your most common question, i.e. What is needed to start a dry cleaning business?


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How to start a dry cleaning business?

Kick start dry cleaning business and make profits.

Besides the ease of setting up, it offers what almost everyone in big cities needs to get done!

Since, you need customers to run your dry cleaning business, it’s always a great idea to market your service to the targeted community, i.e. distribute pamphlets in residential areas, partner up with offices and offer them bulk discounts and so on!

The great thing about the dry cleaning business is that it leaves a lot of room for business development and growth. For instance, from simple dry cleaning services, you can partner up with sewing and repair services as well as it can be turned into pick & delivery service.

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