How to Register a Business in California

If you are living in the state of California and looking to start a business, first of all you have to register your business with California Secretary of State’s Office to get a legal entity. You can visit state office or can fill out the form at California Business navigator to get know how about the step you have to take to get a legal entity of your business along with the proper tax filing, registration as an employer  and other permits/licenses from apposite cities or counties.

Requirements may differ for local, state and federal level businesses; firstly you have to check out about the legal necessities of your business via CalGold and you can also find forms and fees for your business over there. If you are starting a business in an incorporated city, you can get license from the city but for unincorporated areas you will get the license from the county.

For any state level business rather than sole proprietorship you have to file with California Secretary of State (SOS) and have to file income tax with Franchise Tax Board (FTB). For all those who are selling tangible properties have to consult with Board of Equalization (BOE) to get a seller’s permit.​​​ In case you have to hire employer’s you have to comply with the state laws for minimum standards for wages, hours and working conditions you can get consultancy from California Department of Industrial Relations. If you have to export or any goods than you have to get assistance of Sales and Use Tax – Interstate and Foreign Commerce, Food and Drug Branch Export Document Program.

For federal level, all businesses with employees must get a Federal Employer Identification Number (EIN) from the IRS. Hope so this will give you an overlook about the registration of business in California, you can also check our articles for business ideas for San Francisco and business ideas for San Jose to start your business in your own state right away.

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