How to Create an Effective Mailing List for Your Campaigns

Email marketing is still one of the most effective conversion techniques for B2B as well as B2C brands. The effectiveness of small business email marketing, however, depends largely on the quality of mailing list and not on how much you should spend on email marketing. You may find hundreds of pre-built mailing lists claiming to have millions of active users, but let me tell you honestly that they never work. The best way to make most out of email marketing is to build your own list and optimize your mails for mobile, desktop and tablets equally. This article will discuss the tips and ideas to create an effective mailing list for your startup or small business email marketing campaigns. Step 1: Decide on the Goal of the Campaign The first and foremost step before launching an email campaign is to identify the goals, i.e. what, exactly, are you trying to accomplish? For instance, you may want to use email as a medium to educate your target audience, or you may want to send product updates and so on. Know why is email the best way to achieve it? Once you answer these questions you can strategize.  


Step 2: Establish the Email List Based on the Campaign Goals Remember that when you are first building your email list, you must have permission to email your customers and subscribers, so never buy a readily available list and better is to get real subscribers through your website. There are many ways to get people on your list without increasing the average cost per lead, for instance, you can offer a discount on a first purchase, advertise your newsletter subscription, offer a free eBook—but in any scenario, you need to be sure you have a very strong call to action (CTA).


Step 3: Monitor Your Subscription Rate & Improve: If only 1 out of 200 visitors on your site are subscribing for your mailing list, there’s something wrong. In fact, improvement should be constant and you should always try to beat your own best conversion rate. According to Kissmetrics, you need to ask the following questions. They’ll help you get into the shoes of your prospective customers so you can create something appealing to get those addresses:

  • Why should I give you my email address?
  • What is the benefit?
  • Is this going to be a bunch of spam?
  • How frequent are the emails?
  • Will I get discounts?
  • Will you send me relevant offers or junk?

Being able to answer these specific questions will be the key to getting subscribers. Simply asking for someone’s email is not enough.And yes, if you’re hiring an email marketing specialist, make sure to question him about creating effective email lists.

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