Cleaning Company Registration Requirements in the US

For any business to work with other companies, firm and organization you must have TIN (Taxpayer Identification Number) i.e. you should be a tax payer.

And, yes, your business must be registered. Because people like to have trust on state and county verified businesses. The good thing about verified and ligament business is that you have opportunities to create good will and expand.

But before you start your cleaning business you must consult with an attorney or a business setup service provider or consulting firm to guide you through proper channel.

The question here in our discussion is that what cleaning company registration requires? So, here it goes.

  • The Name of the Business must be unique (Not objectionable).
  • Trademark and Logo must be verified for any copy rights from U.S Homeland Security logo and trademark verification.
  • Business structure Identification as sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation or limited liability Company should be mentioned.
  • Business license is required that can be obtained from county clerk’s office.
  • Business office location should be mentioned weather you own the location or its on rent. In both condition documents must be provided.
  • For tax purpose’s business must be registered with IRS (internal revenue Service).
  • If you plan to hire Employees then you should also apply for Employee Identification number. Normally it contains the number of employees you plan to hire or have hired.
  • Your business should be insured by public liability insurance. For Example Bond with the price tag of $1000-$5000 Security in case of damage to property or theft.

All the above mentioned information should be attached in the form of documents with the registration form provided to you. The documentation required may vary from county to county and state to state.

This is due to the tax regulation and business law which are flexible and sometimes strict depending upon in which state you intend to start your business.

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