3 Low Cost Yet Profitable Business Ideas for San Francisco

The city of San Francisco is considered as the economical and cultural center of Northern California. San Francisco is the fourth most inhabited city of California State and is also a dwelling to some well known companies like Gap Inc., Craiglist, Dropbox, Mozilla and Wikimedia Foundation. However, the city is mainly known as the hub of internet startup companies.

The city environment is best for startups as more than 80% of the business are at the smaller scale having a work force of not more than 10 employees. So, if you plan to start a small scale business in the city, this list of small business ideas for San Francisco can be a great resource to take start. You may also want to know the business setup process, so do check this complete checklist to start a business in California.

Let’s have a look at three of the small scale business that you can start in the city.

1- Paying Guest Service:

The most economical business is the rent out your extra rooms to tourists as well as the locals at cheap rates. As the hotel rents are too high in the city of San Francisco, it can be a profitable way of starting a small business in the city. Here is quick guide on starting paying guest business that you may find useful.

2- Healthy Food Vending Machine:

Now Vending machines have become part of US inhabitants live, you can make some changes to the present vending machines by offering healthy food in vending machines. People mind will definitely change when they see vending machine carrying healthy snacks and meal instead of only junk food.

Check out details on starting a vending machine business here.

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3- Online Retailer:

Since the internet businesses are at boom in the city, you too can take benefit of it by launching your own online retail store. It depends upon you what kind of things you want to sale on your store, in the beginning you can start with some toys, books, handicrafts and when you start getting some customers you can add more items to your store.

To start your eCommerce startup on budget, ideally you should opt for dropshipping.

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The Bottom Line:

You must know that the city not only had good business roots in technology, it also had some well known tourist spots and some well known hotels and convention centers. If you are thinking of a small scale business then this is the city for you, it provides you with business friendly environment as well as economic stability.

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