7 Tips To Keep In Mind When Designing An Exhibition Booth

Is your business going to participate in a tradeshow or an exhibition very soon? If so, you may already be thinking about the best way to design your company’s booth so that it attracts the maximum number of people at the event. And to help you become a success at the exhibition, we are listing below seven booth design tips that will surely help your business create an impact.

1- Research

You should first look into how the booths of other businesses generally look like. And the best way to do this will be to visit a few trade shows near you. Click photos or videos of the booths that attract large visitors and those which barely gets a visitor. Later, you can analyze them and find out which qualities of a booth make people attracted to it and which features do not leave any sort of impression. You can then use those positive aspects when designing your company’s booth, while at the same time ensuring that you don’t incorporate any of the negative features that might keep the visitors away from visiting the booth.

2- High Quality Graphics

The quality of the graphics you use on the booth will say a lot to the visitors. If you use low quality pixelated graphics on the booth, then the customers will perceive you as offering a cheap product or service. In contrast, if you use top notch graphics that makes a person stop and look at it, then you will be seen as offering a high quality product or service. So, always use good quality graphics in your booth even if you have to spend extra on it.

3- Give Importance to the Functionality

Though the design of the booth is important, make sure that you don’t sacrifice its functionality in order to make it look good. For example, suppose your company sells refrigerators, and you decide to create a booth in the form of an igloo. On paper, this looks like a good idea. A booth that looks like an ice house definitely should be able to attract the visitors. But in reality, this might not turn out so well.

Since the igloo is completed covered from all sides, except for a single entry, the visitors won’t be able to see what’s inside. And this might discourage many from checking it out. Plus, even if the customers get into the booth, the inside may become too congested because of it being covered fully. Such functional errors happen because of trying to put booth design above functionality. Don’t make this mistake. Design should only complement the functionality of the booth, not subdue it.

4- Color

Make sure that the color you use on the booth goes very well with the identity of your business. Ideally, the booth color should reflect the company’s logo colors in some way. If this is not possible, then the color scheme must be closely related to the vibe of the business. For example, if your company sells luxury watches, then colors like gold, silver, black, grey, purple etc. should ideally be used since you want to give off a feeling of luxury and class. As such, you must avoid using bright and fun colors like orange, green and so on.

5- Brand Name Size

Your company’s name must be displayed prominently in such a way that people should be able to see it no matter where they are. This will ensure that your business name is constantly exposed to the visitors. And when a person sees your company name over and over again, he might be inclined to check your booth out of curiosity.

6- Contact Details

The contact details have to be displayed in an easy to see part of the booth. If a person is just randomly walking by and wants to quickly note down your website or phone number, he should immediately be able to see such details when he looks at the booth.

7- Interactive Display

You can also try using interactive touchscreen displays in your booth. In fact, certain business will benefit greatly by using such touchscreens. For example, if you are a real estate developer, then a touchscreen display will enable the visitors to see a building in 3d, giving them the freedom to explore the property fully without any limitations.  Not only does it attract more customers, but the booth will look more futuristic and edgy.

So, consider the above points when creating a booth for your business, and you should be able to come up with a design that many visitors will find intriguing and attractive.

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