5 Ways to Reduce Commercial Water Utility Bills

While saving water and reducing your commercial water bills may not be part of your plan to cut business costs, making the right efforts in this direction can save your business a significant sum of money year on year.

So here are five tips you can start using from today to stop your water—and money—from going down the drain.

Get leaks and broken pipes fixed as soon as they occur

Ask your facility management team to become more proactive about fixing leaks and broken pipes and joints. Even a day’s delay in repairing a leaking faucet can result in tens of liters of water wasted down the drain. Likewise, a broken sewage pipe can damage the surrounding infrastructure, raising your maintenance costs.

Additionally, issue memos regarding water wastage to alert employees to leaking taps and pipes and how they impact your utility billing.

Seek greater employee involvement

Undoubtedly, your workforce is the greatest consumer of water at the office, so inspiring employees to be actively involved in water saving and conservation makes complete sense. Collate smart water usage tips and encourage employees to use them on a daily basis. Invite team members to share their own tips and tricks to reduce water wastage in the restrooms and break areas. Consider building a team of water saviors to keep the initiative engaging.

Another tip that may sound like it won’t make much of a difference in your utility costs, but it will: Advise employees to start keeping drinking water in the pantry refrigerator. This will help reduce tap water consumption every time someone needs a glass of cold water.

Install water-saving gadgets

Regulate water consumption around the premises by installing water-saving devices such as toilet flush savers, flow restrictors, rainwater harvesting system, tap flow control devices, digital water use indicators, irrigation controllers for the lawn, and so on.

Outdoor savings

If your office building has landscaping around, install a rain sensor so that the lawn sprinklers won’t get activated in times of rain. Issue guidelines to limit washing of open areas to once a week or, even better, once a fortnight. Ask cleaning staff to instead switch to dry cleaning with broom and mop.

Hire a water auditor

Yes, this would be an additional cost for your business, but it could save you hundreds of dollars in monthly water bills. This is particularly beneficial if your business uses large quantities of water, as a professional water consultant can help you determine and execute a robust water saving plan. In addition, a water utility expert will be able to identify plumbing issues that could lead to expensive repairs in the future. Ask your water service company if they offer this service as part of their utilities package.

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