5 Tips for Small Businesses to Fight Fake Reviews

If you have an online business you might be aware of the impact of reviews on your business. Majority consumers tend to make decisions based on online reviews and businesses try to do everything to ensure that they have a positive recommendation from the customers. However, there might be certain competitors who might write negative reviews with an aim to tarnish your reputation and slow down your business.

There are simple and effective ways you can use to fight fake reviews and keep your business safe from defamation.

1- Ask the review website to bring it down: The first step you need to take is to contact the review website and ask them to take it down. The longer it remains on the website, the more damage it will cause. Record the review once before you approach the third party website. You might be required to prove to them that you are a victim of online defamation and only then will they remove the review.

2- Consult a lawyer: If the defamation has affected your business in a negative manner, you need to contact experienced attorneys who will help you protect the company from false reviews and claims. They can also help you grow your business by restoring your online reputation.

3- Respond to it: A smart method is to repost to the review and clarify your concerns. If there are negative reviews about you making rounds on the internet, you have every right to respond to it and state your side of the story. This could help the consumers restore trust in your brand. Keep a calm and professional approach when you respond to it and stay away from blaming anybody.

4- Contact authorities: If you think that the review will cause losses to your business, you need to contact authorities who might be in a better position to help you. If you have evidence, you have every right to contact a business bureau and inform them of the competitor’s tactics.

5- Replace the reviews with real ones: Businesses should take relevant steps to get the negative reviews out of sight from the internet. But this should be done in a professional manner. There might be certain reviews you cannot delete but you can deal with the false reviews with positive reviews from authentic customers. The best is to keep away from the malicious comments because genuine customers will give you an honest review.

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There are numerous additional steps you can take in order to remove the reviews and restore your business reputation. The first step is to contact the review website so that they know you are a victim of a malicious strategy. If they remove the negative reviews, you will not have to do anything else. However, if they do not do so, you will have to put up positive reviews in place of the negative ones so as to prove to your customers that your products and services are worthy of their time, money and efforts.

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