3 Business Ideas that can Do Really Great in Memphis, TN

The largest city of the Tennessee state, having the best geographical location Memphis is considered as one of the cities with the most business opportunities. With the network of five major railroads and two of the major interstate highways and Mississippi river passing from, the city has a lot to provide you with number of business opportunities.

Memphis had diverse history along with deep roots of music in the culture of the city and also a number of festivals are hosted by the city throughout the year. So, with such a diversity you can dive into any business in the city, to help you out a bit below are the most suitable business for this city.

  1. Amusement Arcade: the city attracts a number of tourists during the festival season and for local folks you can start an Amusement Arcade for their leisure time, where you can set up billiards, darts, bowling or any other entertainment activity.
  2. Taxi service: you can start a taxi service, as the city has a good population and a huge number of tourists are also attracted by the city every year and taxi is being used by almost every person to move within the city.
  3. BBQ Restaurant: the city is the birth place of pork BBQ which gives you a little edge if you start a BBQ restaurant. But this business will not give you any profit until you provide people with delicious food. One more thing is to add something different in your menu that should be your specialty.

It doesn’t matter whichever business you start, your dedication and hard work is required to run the business efficiently. Just make sure that you fulfill the requirements to start business in Tennessee. You can always consult the local SBA office or seek more information from the secretary of the State website. Once your business start giving you a good profit you can expand your business or setup any other business.


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