3 Best Low Cost Small Business Ideas for Mumbai & Pune

Both Pune and Mumbai have seen massive economic development in the recent past and so there have been several small business success stories. Small business scenario in Mumbai and Pune is quite similar and can go really successful because, the cities are much developed and have a great potential for enthusiastic entrepreneurs.

Besides just the stable economic environment in both the cities, there’s mass population, i.e. those who have come to the cities from far and wide of the country for living.

Well, before starting any business either in Mumbai or in Pune, one thing you must know that the consumer is well aware of the available choices, so you have to have something that makes your product/service indifferent!


Well, to help more entrepreneurs in the cities, we lately conducted a research and developed lists of small business ideas for Mumbai and small business ideas for Pune at StartupGuys.net. The lists are extensive, so here I’ll discuss my own picks! Here it goes:

1- Growing Vegetables & Plants: Yes, you need to have space, but that’s the only requirements, rest is all the hard work. And yes, if you don’t have bigger space you can still grow plants in smaller space. Do check 10 profitable crops to grow and she became millionaire by growing veggies.

2- Home Repair & Renovation: Everyone in the big city needs home repair, wall painting, exterior painting, plumbing, lightening, gardening etc. Check out these 5 simple steps to start a home repair business and tips for staring a remodeling company.

3- Buying & Selling Used Cars: In fast growing cities like Mumbai and Pune, a huge population needs car but cannot afford new. Here’s a guide on how to start used cars business. Once started, this guide will surely help you to make more profits selling used cars!

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