Why Web Design is Important for Your Company

You might think that unless your website is functional there is no need to go for a change in your Website’s design and looks. In this case, you may also wonder why some companies spend so much on web design works? It’s not your fault. The majority of start-ups and small companies are skeptical to admit the importance of a good web design.

But, studies conducted on the matter have always shown the same result – well-built website generates better traffic and increases the conversion rate. Don’t worry because we are here to clear all your doubts. Read on to understand the importance of a good web design for your company.

Easy Navigation and Increased Usability – This one is the most important reason to invest in a good web design for your company. A well-designed website is created to make navigation easier for the user. If a user finds it difficult to search for relevant information on your website then he or she is certainly not going to play around to find the information. They will simply click the back button and then go to your competitors’ website. You must have seen malls and stores invest a lot of shelves and showcases to arrange the items to be sold. Have you ever thought that they are wasting so much money; they can pile up things on the floor too? Then how can you think that you can load information on your website without arranging them on showcases and attract the customers?

Easy readability and SEO – A good web design is created in a way that it caters to the natural reading style of the readers of the website. If you have put a very informative blog post on your website but your web design does not present it in an easily readable format then the readers are surely going to bounce back. If your sentence starts from the left end of the computer screen and runs till the right end of the screen readers will find it difficult to read as this is not the comfortable position for eyes (wonder why newspapers are not printed in end-to-end paragraphs). Fonts, color-scheme used on the website too impacts the readability. If your website design presents contents in a readable format and you put important information such that users can see it at the first glance then this will also increase your SEO ranking.

Meeting the changing demands – The consumer market, especially the digital one, is very dynamic. To meet the changing needs of the market you need to hire a good web design agency. Let us understand the changing needs with an example – Go two-three years back and most of the users used to surf the internet on desktops; check your website’s analytical data and you’ll find more than 80% of traffic comes through mobile devices. Now, if you don’t have an updated responsive website then mobile users will find it difficult to use your website and you’ll lose a significant number of leads.

Do you need some more reasons to trust that companies spending on web design are investing rather than wasting money?


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