What Equipment Do I Need to Start a Laundry Business?

Success of a laundry business where it depends a lot on your marketing and client acquisition efforts is also subjected to the right kind of equipment. In fact durable and sustainable equipment is a must to cater to the needs of your customers.

You may be using some laundry business plan sample to outline your business process and revenue model, but mostly the samples do not include the details about buying sophisticated and efficient laundry equipment. So, this is the part you need to do your research.

Here’s the kind of equipment you need for laundry business.

  • Heavy duty washer.
  • Efficient dryers.
  • Steamers/boilers etc.
  • Pressing machines.

You have the option to buy all these equipment or lease from someone. The choice of these equipment will depend upon your budget, load capacities and working conditions.

You need to choose the equipment which have got more warranty and should try to get AMC for the expensive equipment. Your staff should be well trained to operate all these equipment.

As setting up these machines is a costly affair you may approach bank or other financial institutions for funding. However, before approaching the bank for any sort of funding you need to be well prepared with your business plan and other things.

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