What All Factors Does A Personal Injury Lawyer Take Into Consideration Before Taking Up A Case?

Taking up a case when you share the details with the personal injury lawyer depends totally on him, however, his final decision is being influenced by various factors such as:

The Responsibility of The Accident:

The basic question that strikes anyone’s mind after the accident has taken place is who is responsible for the accident? Responsibility here means who is at fault. If the people present there at the time of the accident and the police report state that you are the one who caused this accident then the judge and the jury panel may also think the same.  Henceforth, most the lawyers will reject your case as it is an open and shut case as you are the culprit to your own accident.

The Time Difference Between The Accident and The Medical Treatment:

According to insurance companies, if you have met with an accident then within 72 hours you need to avail the medical treatment. In fact, in some case within a day is the limit. If the times exceeds these limits then a personal injury lawyer will not accept your case.

The Intensity of Your Injuries:

Let us get this straight – if you are the one who is responsible for the accident or your injuries are next to minimal then the judges and the jury will not take your case seriously. The fee of any personal injury lawyer will be settled after the case gets its final decision. Therefore, no one would like to invest his time and energy when since the beginning they know that nothing fruitful is going to happen. If the injuries caused by the accident are very few or next to minimal then the settlement that you wish to get may not be given by the judge. That is why no lawyer wants to invest his time in such cases. However, it is not that the chances of winning are next to impossible. Sometimes, certain things only unfold when the case takes new turns. Hence, in such a situation, you will be needing an expert lawyer to win your case. If you do not know where to find one then Napoli Shkolnik PLLC can be a great solution to all your problems.

The Status of Your Medical Treatment and Its Continuity:

After the accident, if you visit the doctor immediately only then can you claim for an insurance. However, this is not it. Whether you are visiting your doctor on a regular basis also decides about your claim. For example, you had to visit your doctor thrice in a week for a month, however, after the first week you skipped the second week and went for the check up in the last week. In such a situation, you will not be liable to a claim as this will be proven in the court by the insurance company. Therefore, for the personal injury attorney, it will be extremely difficult to win the case.

Maintain Distance from Insurance Adjusters:

Avoid the urge of contacting an insurance adjuster as he may try to persuade you to get all the details from you. If you wish to hire a personal injury lawyer then this is a must. You never know what hidden information you end up giving which may lead you towards a major problem. He may try to get the details of the accident from you and the update on your injury. However, if you end up giving all the details, maybe later on if your medical situation becomes worse, you won’t be able to claim anything. Therefore, think before you speak!

Tip to Hire The Right Personal Injury Lawyer:

  • Never underestimate the power of your sixth sense. When things are not right and you have a second thought about hiring a lawyer. Do not let it go. Stick to it as your inner self is never wrong.
  • Lawyers think beyond your reach. They try to examine every minute detail to ensure nothing is being missed. An injury may cause because of various factors. Therefore, ensure you pick a lawyer who is focusing on everything and anything that even you could not notice.
  • Before you pick a lawyer for yourself, make certain you do your homework. Ask people about the reputation of the attorney and do not blindly invest in anyone.
  • Always do a background check! Study the cases that the attorney has fought. Inspect their success rate and then make a decision.
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