Starting Mobile Restaurant in San Francisco; a Small Business Idea for Big Profit

Food on the move is one good idea for starting up a quick business in big cities like San Francisco. It’s not just because the diverse population makes up a good customer base, but also because of the fact that if you deliver some really high quality, chances are that you’ll get a huge coverage in startup sector and this can be really very helpful when you plan an expansion.

You might have explored various lists of small business ideas for San Francisco and you’d have found that restaurant/food business is part of almost every other list. The key to success, however, is the value that you deliver.

Starting it mobile is much cost effective option as compared to a standalone location, however, to attract more customers you either have to play with the prices or else with some specialty food items!


If you are a foodie and love cooking food and hold expertise in cooking you can surely make it!

All you need in terms of investment is in a food truck and the food items. Have some good menu ideas and San Francisco should love it!

To help you start better here are some resources:

San Francisco Business Portal for Restaurants, where you can find the starter kit for your mobile restaurant business.

Food truck business plan.

Cost of starting a food truck.

Food truck startup checklist.

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