Starting a Cruise Trips & Water Adventures Deals Business in San Diego

Setting up your own company that offers adventure activities is a costly and risky business, plus it involves lot of permits and licensing that it’s going to be a time taking concern too.

If you have lately been exploring the small business ideas for San Diego, you may have seen that the list of ideas contain amazing stuff, but when you start doing the marketing research, it seems everything is taken. Same is the case for tourism industry, whereby just like any other big city is also on the boom in San Diego.

As the city has a great coastal area where many cruise and adventure activities businesses are busy entertaining the people and competing them is not an easy task unless you have tons of investment!


So, the idea is to get connected to those already established businesses and find awesome deals for your customers. Yes, it’s kind of being a referral to the businesses and grab your commission.

Yes, you may set up your own website, whereby you offer amazing deals. And remember that such type of businesses grow more with word of mouth; the more amazing experience on the water you will bring to people, the more they will talk about your service and the more business you will get.

To make sure that people spread about your deals, get a mobile app developed and make it easier for them to leave feedback and get some rewards for referring more people to your deals!

To start such a business, you may still require to fulfil some legal formalities and a lot of help in setting up the business, running and growing it. Here are some links that can help you with this:

Starting an Adventure Travel Company.

Start Your Own Travel Business: Cruises, Adventure Travel, Tours, Senior Travel (StartUp Series) is a good eBook to buy. It comes with Paperback too and you won’t regret the purchase, as it has some weird useful information.

In case, if you don’t want to buy one, do check this one which is absolutely free: Start your own online coupons of deals business.

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