Starting a Business in South Africa? Do Research the Consumer Behavior!

South Africa is a growing economy and so there are big opportunities for those who want to take the challenges. You do not necessarily require a huge capital, and may start something with lowest investment too.

From starting a food kiosk to luxury fashion and travel, there’s always an entry point for new entrepreneurs, but the success is guaranteed only if your product/service creates value to the consumer!


You may want to consider some of really good small business ideas for South Africa, but you are reluctant just because of an assumption that the South African consumer may not buy your high priced solution, you may need to conduct the market research once again.

Even the poor people of African region have market preferences!

The do not buy just anything; rather they conduct a proper research before entering into the market with buying intention.

If you assume the South African market to consider the cheaper as better, you are totally wrong. The researches and the stats show, durability is often a core value not just in South Africa but anywhere else in the whole African region!

Here are some useful links to make sure that your research on South African consumer behavior is authentic and is based on valid statistics;

South Africa’s cautious consumer.

Consumer Lifestyles in South Africa.

5 African Consumer Trends for 2016.

African Consumer & Retail Report 2015.

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