Fire Station Designing For Modern Times

Much like everything else, the approach to firefighting has changed along with the emergency time it takes to response. Modernity comes with its own perils — one of them is much more complex and dangerous fire accidents. The traditionally designed fire stations, more often than not, are not structurally capable of handling a lot of things that modernity has brought with it itself.

While looking for fire station architecture firms, it is important to assess whether the firm understands the evolving modern needs in terms of both architecture and functions or not. Needless to say, even a small delay in terms of these things can lead to catastrophic consequences.

So, here are the few modern trends that are affecting the design of fire stations across the world:

1) Quick performance. Faster response time.

Let’s face it — even a matter of few seconds, when it comes to a fire emergency, is a lot. So, the responsibility of designing an architecture that enables the firefighters to reach the scene of emergency as quickly as possible is paramount. Whether it’s in the form of single-story design or four-fold side motion doors which open almost twice as quickly as the conventional sliding doors. These small things matter — and they should. Because a lot is at stake.

2) Is your fire-station green enough?

The fact is that the fire-station needs to be closer to the areas in such a way that the response time is reduced significantly. Along with it, however, there comes a responsibility to build a fire station that fits in with the rest of the community without any damaging consequences. Whether it’s through energy-efficient windows or photovoltaic panels — the architecture firm needs to ensure that these things are taken care of because they directly have an positive (or negative in the case of neglect) impact on the occupants of the particular building.

3) Continuous training is the key.

In these time where the world is this fast-paced, the only way to respond by efficiency is through intensive and regular training. While designing a fire station, it’s important to embed it with training facilities where the firefighters and other staff can continuously work towards improving how they deal with emergency situations. Not only that, this facility can also foster collaboration from other stakeholders (such as the community) and create an overall environment that is prepared to deal with any and all form of emergencies.

4) Location Matters. So does co-existing.

In a smart move, a lot of architectural firms who build fire stations are taking a call to place multiple community buildings under the same campus. As an instance, police stations and fire stations often operate and function in the same or nearby campuses. This way, if and when, the need to collaborate arise for the sake of community — there is no lag. The action is prompt, and that can have a great impact — including saving lives. Not only will this move save money, but it also encourages collaborative effort from all ends.



Fire stations are one of the few community buildings that operate throughout the year. At all times, the staff needs to be ready for a devastating emergency. What we mentioned above are just few of the trends that are shaping how modern fire stations are designed.

Make sure that the architecture firm you hire to build a fire stations knows and specialise in designing fire stations that can adapt with the changing times.

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