Book Shop is Still a Hot Business Opportunity in Detroit

A bookshop is a place of social and intellectual discussions. It is a place where people get to socialize and interact.  Where they may be situated , these shops always find their customers.

Starting a book shops in a city like Detroit is a very good idea. You would have come across this idea of business in many lists of small business ideas for Detroit. The key  to great business , how ever depends on the variety of products you have for your customers.

According to stats, Detroit has the 3rd most book stores per 10,000 residents of any city in the USA. So you can imagine the readership and won’t it be great if you open a bookshop with a twist, i.e. an online book store, free delivery or a readers’ cafe!


A book shop business does not require very high investment even and has a lot of capacity of expansion. Other sidelines such as stationary, cards,newspaper and etc can also be added to increase the business.

This business is a very good idea for people who love being around books. The more variety you’ll have the more people from different backgrounds will show up on your doors. You shop can also be a venue for many book signings.

All you need is a good location , some furniture and BOOKS. People of Detroit would love such establishments.

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