5 Tips to Make Your B2B Lead Generation Simple yet Highly Effective

Typically, the lead generation forms are most sensitive point in the full campaign and so, they need most of your attention while running a campaign.

In fact, this should be the main point to consider while you have just started looking for B2B lead generation strategies for your business.

Many times it happens that the landing page receives lot of targeted traffic, but they end up closing the browser, just because they are not interested in that long form asking every detail!

Other times, you happen to get them sign up, but while filtering information you find that the data quality is too low to move forward.


Here I am sharing some tips to make your B2B lead generation forms simpler and highly effective.

1- Do not ask too much information in the lead generation form; either to better filter and address the leads or to know as much as possible about them before replying.

2- If the volume of leads is too high to do this manually use tools like FullContact, Clearbit, and Stacklead etc.

3- Ask for the only information that is absolutely needed to kick off your sales process.

4- Using Facebook connect, Linkedin connect etc. can ease the process further. Consider having it!

5- Test, test, and test; number of fields, the type of fields (select box vs. radio button vs. button styles), single vs. multiple steps, field labels above vs. next to vs. inside of the element, and color and copy of the submit button are just a few ideas you can play with.

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