5 Proven Steps to Create Highly Yielding Pay Per Click Advert

Pay per Click ads look amazingly simple but it needs to embrace every trick to stand out from the rest of competitors. Pay per Click advertisements are sponsored links which tops the list of Google or Yahoo search. These ads also appear on the top right side of search results page. Pay per click advertising boosts traffic and directly contribute to the growth of any business.

Pay per click ad has 3 main elements – a title, copy of text and a link. All these 3 elements should be exceptional to make any ad prominent from the crowd. Some of the vital points to keep in mind while creating effective Pay per click advertisement are listed as below:

 1- Use specific and relevant keywords

Make sure to use the right keywords in title and copy of text. Google’s Keyword tool can list out the high-ranking keywords related to your search. Including this keyword in your advertisement can target the right customers. Adding irrelevant keywords can only generate more traffic which can have negatively impact your business.

2- Use gripping title

Title is the first thing to grab customer’s attention. A title or heading should be self-explanatory to highlight your product. You can make it catchy by adding discounts and awards. A title conveying a discount offer or a winning trip can be super effective. To bump up your brand name – it is even worth adding company name in the title. But remember, most of the people search for products and not brand names.

3- Be clear with Call to Action

‘Call to action’ or CTA is a popular term used in advertising and selling field. The main intent of ‘Call to action’ is to provoke customers to respond immediately. Compelling phrases can give a clear picture of ads – Call to action phrases like – “Buy Now”, “Get a Quote”, “Order” or “Sign up today” will let any customer know as to what they can accomplish. Some of the other effective phrases include “Limited stocks available”, “Offer expires tonight” etc.

4- Unique Selling Point is the key

Amidst thousands of competitors, it is absolutely essential to be unique – in order to mark a niche in the online business. Emphasize your Unique Selling point – be it price or products or services or anything which makes your business distinctive. Bear in mind that ‘Unique Selling Point’ should clearly communicate the value being offered by your company.

5- Right Destination page and other key attributes

The main purpose of Pay per click ads is to promote your business. When a customer clicks on Pay per click advertisement, it should land at the right website page to proceed with action. For example, an ad stating “Buy flowers” should directly take the customer to flowers category and not the main home page.


Some of the other points for an effective Pay per click ads are: to include right key information pertaining to slashed prices, use of capital letters at the beginning of every word to make it exclusive from its contenders and last but not the least – to test the designed advertisement to know its effectiveness.

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