3 Tips to Mobile Optimize Your Email Marketing Campaigns

Did you know that 65% of emails get opened on mobile first, so if you’re considering email marketing for startup or small business, you must know some mobile marketing insights to make sure that your efforts are in right direction!

Let’s start with the first “MUST”, i.e. you must mobile-optimize all email campaigns, because 65% of them would be opening on a mobile device and if they’re not opening correctly on mobile, your efforts will be wasted.

1- To mobile optimize your email campaigns, preferably use a reliable and powerful email marketing software. Check out some from this list of email marketing tools for small business.

2- Once, you’ve a good email marketing tool in hand, consider the following points:

  • Make sure, you are using a responsive email template, i.e. the one which is opening equally well on all devices and operating systems.
  • Watch out for high opens but low clicks. This may mean that your content is not good.
  • In case, if you’re 100% confident that your content is qualitative, you may not be using a call to action above the fold.
  • A low click through rate can also be the result of lack of trust, so make sure your brand identity is also visible above the fold.

3- Mobile optimizing your email campaign doesn’t just mean to increase clicks, but actually increasing actions. For instance at time people don’t just click because they don’t like to click on things on their devices because it takes them out of the app they’re on. So, if you’re sending them an offer to claim through a click, don’t just leave them with one choice. Give them a hard coded coupon code to enter manually while purchasing.

Remember, mobile can be a huge secret weapon for getting past priority inbox, but only if you create campaigns with a MOBILE-FIRST attitude.

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