2016 is the Time for women to become the new entrepreneurs.

No longer are the women of this time associated with gender-specific jobs. More and more of them are rising and empowering others around. They are taking control of the high posts in organizations and eradicating the stereotypes.

Many brilliant and innovative startups are being initiated by the women. Some of the best business ideas for women are available on the internet which have a lot of potential and will encourage a lot of women to start their businesses right away.

There are many ways that a women can start her business, it can a part-time, home-based or a collaborative business as well, depending on the resources and time.


Not only the experiences ladies , now there are numerous young girls as well who have managed to start their own business,are managing them amazingly and inspiring many other females around them.

According to Womenable and American Express 2015 study ,almost 340,000 jobs were added by woman-owned businesses between 2007 and 2015 where as at the same time, men-owned businesses shed 1.2 million jobs.

The world needs more women coming up with ideas and bringing their skills to best use.

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